True North Training Stables 1st Annual Chili Cook

Come out of the cold and get fired up for some delicious chili cooked by 10 Pro's - Local Restaurants and 10 Joe's - amateur chefs.  

We (True North Training Stables) are having a Chili Cook Off Fundraiser! Please come and support the charity! We put close to 60 kids through the program in 2015 and that's with the love, support and donations from everyone that believes in what we're doing! With an indoor riding arena coming spring 2016 we are hoping God sends us 75-100 kids this year! Hope to see all of you in February and if you have questions contact Liz Scharp, Colleen Lee, Mendy Jackson Norman, Randy Lee, Allana Linn, Cindy Sergeant

Tickets are available on Eventbrite, see link below or click the arrow in the title.



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